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    Asphalt and Paving
    Asphalt Repair and Installation, New Construction, Repairing, Overpave, BST Chip n Seal Resurfacing

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    Preventative Maintenance Process Slows Pavement Deterioration Doubles Pavement Life

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    Concrete Repair and Installation
    Sidewalks, Curbs & Gutters, Driveways and Driveway Repairs, Dumpster Pads, Breezeways, Loading Dock Areas and Stairs

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    Surface preparation prior to repaving roads, streets and parking lots; Full or partial depth patching; Perimeter/transitional milling and more

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    Texture paving, Cost-effective decorative paving - Ideal for all applications


Chip and Seal

Chip & Seal, also known as BST (Bituminous Surface Treatment), is a cost reducing process that is professionally applied over existing older pavement providing a special surface designed to economically extend pavement life. The Chip & Seal process will minimize the normal effects of cracking and raveling, prevalent in  aged pavement, at a significantly lower cost when compared to the standard asphalt pavement overlay.

Chip & Seal can be applied, improve the surface with a skid-resistant topping, offer protection from water penetration and reduce glare at a cost appreciably less that standard paving. The reduced cost can be in the range of 50% or more.

An emulsified mixture (liquid asphalt) is sprayed on the old surface and is immediately followed with an applied layer of small crushed stone. The stone is then compacted and embedded with the liquid asphalt using pressure rollers. When rolling is complete all loose stone is removed from the surface and the pavement is ready to go. 

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